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Eyeballs and Ox Tails and Lungs, Oh My!

Scout & Zoe's is the leading innovator of novel protein pet food & treats, featuring single or limited-ingredient recipes that are perfect for food sensitivities or allergies. High in protein, DHA, and Omega-3 Fatty Acids for skin, eye and brain health.

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About Scout & Zoe's

We’re me. Cindy.

I started this company because I love dogs, and I want them to be as healthy and happy as doggilly possible.

It all began with my dog Zoe who was terribly allergic to a number of proteins. So, I began my search for treats and food that wouldn’t irritate her skin and tummy. And as I learned more, I also discovered a number of products shipped in from overseas that were harmful to dogs. I wanted to do something about this too.

I made it my commitment to create treats that offer a diversity of proteins with human-grade ingredients produced in the United States in USDA Inspected facilities.

These treats are so safe that I eat them myself. Except the carp eyeballs…

It’s a texture thing. And an eyeball thing.
But dogs love ‘em.

They’re loaded with protein and DHA – an omega-3 fatty acid essential for skin, eye and brain health.

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Product Highlights

Black Soldier Fly Larvae

A sustainable novel protein great for dogs, cats, chicken, birds, reptiles and amphibians.

Munchworthy Minnows

Caught from the clear waters of Wisconsin and freeze dried.

Carp-Based Treats

Sustainable, environmentally friendly and purposefully gathered and packed.

Sweet Potato Treats

Rich with Vitamin C and Beta Carotene & Gluten Free.


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Scout & Zoe’s is NOT a wholly-owned subsidiary
of an international mega corporation.

Product Images

Calcium Powder

Chicken Jerky

Large Avian Toy

Canine Cookie

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We're GNAT Your Average Dog Treat.

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